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Welcome to Altered Wicks

About My Candles...

I use eco-friendly soy wax 100% plant based free of genetically modified material, free of pesticide and herbicide residue, sustainable , renewable and biodegradable. friendly to animals. No animal , insect or petroleum Products. Extremely clean buring!

Why iI use Wood and hemp wicks...

Wood wicks are 100% natural and are not processed. They are non-toxic and clean burning. They are a slow burn and will make the candle last longer.

Hemp wicks are non-GMO, contains no toxic chemicals, no acids, no pesticides, no PVC, no BPA, no formaldehyde, no dioxin, and no heavy metals. I use 100% organic hemp twine. The hemp wick is coated in an even layer of natural beeswax.The even layer of beeswax insures that the flame will burn uniformly and melt your candle wax in even layer. . Burning beeswax actually cleans your surroundings by producing negative ions which help remove pollution from the air. This is a helpful bonus for those who struggle with asthma or respiratory issues.The hemp wick provides a larger flame that burns slower and will make the candles last longer.