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Reptile Bone Cleaning Prices

Reptiles Full body Bone Cleaning $40 a foot

Reptile Skull Cleaning

Small Reptile Skull Cleaning Starts at $35+

Med Reptile Skull Cleaning Starts at $55+

Large Reptile Skull Cleaning Starts at $80+

*Cleaned using Dermestid Beetles
*Anything under a foot is $40
*Bone Cleaning prices Does NOT include Skinning and tanning

 Tanning and Skinning Reptile Skin Prices

Skinning and Tanning Reptile Skin Start at $35 a foot

*Anything under a foot is $35 

* Skinning and tanning price does not include bone cleaning

Animal Preserving 

Contact Me for Pricing and Services 

Animal Bone Cleaning Prices

Bird Skulls Start at $40+

Small Animal Skulls Start at $80+

Med Animal Skulls Start at 


Large Animal Skull Start at $150+

Full Body Bone Cleaning Start at $200+

*Prices Does Not Include Skinning

Taxidermy Services Available.

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